The “Premiere Works” name originated from the quality that comes from the service we provide. As it stands, the majority of Premiere Works content comes from coverage of automotive events as well as private shoots.
We want to be recognized as the new up and coming media team, known for our exceptional quality and professionalism.
When people choose our services, one of the main factors we focus on in customer satisfaction. Here at Premiere Works, what the customer wants out of the project is what they will get.





Porsche 911 singer

Rob Dickinson is an avid Porsche enthusiast that enjoyed playing around with his own personal Porsche 911.

His one-off creation with modifications and upgrades managed to retain its classic Porsche attributes garnered much attention and positive feedback.

This passion led to the birth of his company, Singer Vehicle Design, in 2009.


MOCI Track Day

M Owners Club Indonesia hosted another Track Day Event.
This event took place at Sentul International Circuit Bogor, and its one of the most highly anticipated events on their calendar.

Our Premier Works media team was once again on-site to capture the action.


F12, the Dark Horse

F12. The flagship of Ferrari Production cars lineup. One of the fastest production car Ferrari ever made. Its performance only surpassed by the very limited anniversary model, the La Ferrari.

The dark horse. A term began as horse racing parlance for a race horse that is not known to gamblers and thus is difficult to place betting odds on.