Mini Cooper S – R56
Nagoya, Japan

Liberty Walk. Let’s say we are not strangers to their work. Mentioning our dearest supercar that was modified so down to earth, like literally, to the point of having only circa within one inch of its life, the bonkers Ferrari 458 Italia, Then an Aventador which arches were modified to its maximum wideness, just about around the distance from one planet to another.

Just as recent as last September, Premiere Works was invited by Liberty Walk and F1 Exhaust to Nagoya, Japan to unveil the two of their works that will be exhibited exclusively in SEMA Vegas 2015, soon to take place November this year. The two amazing cars are: Lamborghini Huracan and Mini Cooper R56. Let us get our hands on our second car: Mini Cooper R56.

Also known as Mini Cooper S, this guy won the lottery of getting make over-ed by the experts, and his life will never be the same anymore.

Mini has been a very iconic car brand with its classic-cute image. Who ever thought that in the hands of Liberty Walk, he is not a kinda-cute guy anymore, instead, he is the brand new tough guy in town.

Along with other cars such as Ferrari 458, Lamborghini Aventador, Nissan GTR, Lamborghini Murcielago, Porsche 997, and BMW M4, this Mini Cooper R56 joined the exclusive zero fighter family by Liberty Walk, a family made especially for cars designed with huge rear wings and other modifications needed to get a robust appearance.

Equipped with AirREX suspension, you can raise and lower the car on demand. Airmania’s work is also clearly very impressive with the airbrush and custom paint seen on the pictures.

Now are you going to get your make-over soon?