Premiere Works: Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador

Bandung, Indonesia
13 February 2015

Last February, Premiere Works has got such an honor to be able to witness the ravishing work process of the Liberty Walk ‘Guru’ live.

Guess what he is working on? Just no other than the roaring beast Lamborghini Aventador. Check out our warm chit-chat with the master. Read or watch, you choose.

How many times have you been to Indonesia?

“Two. This is my second time. My first time was about 6 months ago at an event in Jakarta.”

So now on your second trip to Indonesia, tell us about your plans in building the Aventador.

“The owner of this orange Aventador wanted me to personally come and build the car. In Japan, an Aventador costs approximately 50,000,000 Yen. In Indonesia, it is more than double that price! I did not know that price difference until this trip. I must admit that it is a pretty expensive car to cut and put over fenders on. I will keep doing our custom work like this and hopefully people can understand it. I like to do things other says cannot or should not be done. I want to make that get people happy. We are already working on a replacement fender for this car where you can have the wide look without the cutting. It should be ready in two or three months. I will try to not disgrace the great trust and opportunity.”

What would you like to say to Premier Autowerkz and the owner, Mr. Erwin?

“My second time in Indonesia has been terrific. I am very thankful to the owner of this Aventador, mr. Erwin and Premier Autowerkz. Terimakasih!”

So, if Kato from Liberty Walk likes it so much in Indonesia, how about you?