Abu Dhabi
October, 2015

PP-Performance. Familiar much? We would kick your ass out if you do not feel so. Since 1998, PP-Performance has been focusing on innovative optimization of road admitted and racing car engines, so if you have no idea who PP-Performance is, you might want to consider stop calling yourself a car-enthusiast.

This famous German tuning brand has just taken the wraps off their newest headquarter in Abu Dhabi. We are very thankful that we were invited to witness the ribbon cutting ceremony, as well as enjoying all the fun that tags along the event.

Held in October 2015, Premiere Works was honored to meet Jimmy Pelka, the founder of PP-Performance and did some preparation together for the event. We were also warmly welcomed by Mr. Salah Saeed Mohamed Abdulrahman Alamoodi of PP-Performance Abu Dhabi. Let’s get straight to the series of awesomeness that we witnessed.

We had a glimpse of the Mercedes Benz C63 handled amazingly by the one and only Rene Turrek, the God of airbrush artist. “The Kingshit”, was how it was named. It was creatively painted on temperature-base. When it is cool enough, it goes dove black, and when it is warm enough, it goes gold with an appearance of a mighty falcon on its hood and side body. This beast was then exhibited during the grand-opening party.

On the night of the grand opening party, more than 70 super cars and sport cars were spotted. The opening speech was brought smoothly by Mr. Salah, Jimmy Pelka and Rene Turrek also did the ribbon cutting ceremony together.

There was a Dyno Test of a black Lamborghini Huracan, followed by a drag race as the obligatory part of car enthusiasts’ events. Badass cars were exhibited, including Ferrari F12 Berlineta, SLS Bull-Wing 1957 with the price of 10,000,000 Euro, which is around 160 Trillion IDR, and of course ‘The Kingshit’.

The workshop is hugely constructed. There is basically enough space for all the cars in the universe to get tuned. What do you want to do? Tuning, spray booth, carwash, body-painting, you name it!

Wir hatten Spass! Danke Sehr, PP-Performance!