The Night Crawlers

Tangerang, Indonesia

Have you heard or perhaps following the trend of collecting gemstones lately? While indeed gemstones are beautiful according to their owners, when it comes to our dearly road-pacing world, there definitely is something more heart-thumping and catchy to any automotive enthusiasts you came across.

If you ask any car enthusiast you can reach, they might tell you it is all about the manual performance of the car. The ‘raw’ materials and experiences they could grasp, namely the sheer pleasure of driving manual cars instead of the automotive ones, the joy of having gasoline filling instead of electric charging.

Perhaps these are true. But as the time forwards, it is inevitable that technology produces something else. Something that no one sees coming. If you had asked anyone in the past about their wish for the transportation, they would have explained they wanted faster horses instead of cars. And that history, is still repeating itself.

The great M4 comes off as a strong player on the road, claimed as the nimblest, lightest, and the most proper road-performer. Yes, the M4 is equipped with more electronics and driving assists some owner’s might have opted, but these additions will never scratch its grace.

These M4 couple in particular, colored in black dove and dark grey, all dressed muscularly in Revo Sport Body Kit, F1 Exhaust boost, and cleverly tuned in PP Performance’s talented hands, truly did not fail to show their glow under the city lights.

Presenting you, The Night Crawlers.